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So, How’s Your SWL?

By Sam Maddox | May 8, 2018

How’s your SWL? There is a body of spinal cord injury research that isn’t about cure or therapy. It’s about measuring the disability itself. How many, how did it happen, who did it happen to. That’s important data to have, of course, to understand SCI as a public health issue that has a huge consequence…

SCI: It’s September, So Be Aware

By Sam Maddox | September 15, 2017

I better hurry and finish this blog before we run out of days in September. It’s Spinal Cord Injury Awareness month. You may be thinking, most people who have a spinal cord injury surely need no annual reminder that SCI is the female dog of maladies. But the rest of the world this is pretty…

Pumping Resilience

By Sam Maddox | August 1, 2017

Ever see someone who’s survived a spinal cord injury and think, “oh, I don’t think I could live like that?” It’s a common feeling. Indeed, survivors themselves used to think that way too – no way I could deal with loss of body function or wheelchairs or any of that stuff. Until they do deal…

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